Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So on tv last night was a slice of life telling the story of the worlds heaviest man who got married. He did it from the place where weddings usually end - his bed :) a new spin on destination weddings. His wife is quite attractive and she used to be with a friend of his - wowzer!! now thats one helluva triangle :)
April 14 is my first hosting gig... woohhooo !! lets mingle singles :) I cleaned today , a good dose of spring cleaning - its funny how that makes you feel productive.
During an afternoon walk I found a pamphlet for a painting class and a tarot class.... 2 things i have been looking for.... now if i could only find that winning lottery ticket ;)
Todays creation.... my home :) Todays movie .... in honour of the amazing full moon that can be see again tonite I suggest the movie The Howling - scary, dated, and totally fun !
And last but not least I must log on about Kirstie Alleys Big Life, her new reality show :) I want to work for her. I find her funny and actually a bit real; her 'cast' is pretty down to earth for LA and her assistants' trainee, well maybe I am watching just to see how long he lasts :) But all in all the show is a nice lil half hour of cushy fun that so far doesnt make my eyes bleed or my head hurt :) But really if anything I am wondering if it touches on Scientology or its celebrity centre at all...

~ ' Mr Diggins class'

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