Thursday, April 1, 2010

chocolate traffic

Tonite I went to see a friends play, community theatre in Oshawa and the play was called 'Unity'. it was a play that I was going to audition for but was called away to a lil job at the Olympics ;) She is a fantastic lady, just love her - she is such an inspiration for me, anyhoodle it just always great to feel inspired and motivated after a glass of wine and a fab chat with a friend. Cheers!
and I found my new love -
and since I am so inspired by humour todays movie suggestion is Role Models!! Truly funny and for adults only :) Paul Rudd once of my many film hubby's and Sean William Scott are just delightful, they are a great comedic duo, the extraordinarily hilarious Jane Lynch is there as well and she doesn't like any BS; the fowl mouthed lil kid is the best thing since smooshed bananas ;) -ALC, its simple and easy but smart and well written - 4 beans all the way!!
Now we are heading into a long easter weekend which means lots of food, chocolate, children and of course traffic! woohooo. If you are not in an eastery mood then maybe you will check out the new release Date Movie or perhaps try 'Mysteriously Yours' dinner theatre.

~ 'I totally paused'

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