Monday, June 28, 2010


So..... I feel I should say something but its not that much fun without a live audience :)
heres to sum it up :
I think Toronto did great, the fact that it was here was fine, but of course the price tag was stupid, however in regards to the protesters, well hey no one forced you to go downtown, you knew the possibilities and consequences, or if you didnt, well that too is still your choice, as for your detentions centres... your whining about it all was just to make more noise as well, many behind the scene reasons for all that went down, our policemen did great, and i could never imagine being one of them, so hats off... or should i say riot helmets off to them all , oh yeah and lets not forget that many people from OUTSIDE of our fine city and country came here and damaged it - they should be the ones cleaning it up!
now on to some fun stuff - dont ever ever ever see queen of the damned ... just read the book!
and if you want to see a great movie take a peek at Lucky Number Slevin !!!

~ Scotty doesnt know

Sunday, June 6, 2010

pizza pizza lil silver clutch

So I cant wait to re read this in the future:
I was casually driving and at a set of lights I see a gentleman waiting to cross. He has a summer hawaiian shirt jeans shorts a baseball cap a red bookbag; then I see that there is a smaller item hanging form his shoulder, I don't think about it but I recognize it to be a lil silver clutch. It doesn't really phase me as perhaps he is carrying it for someone or perhaps it was a camera case and the lovely sun is compromising my sight. As he crosses in the street, I feel like something is off, I look, and look again until it makes itself clear, he's not wearing jean shorts ... its a jean skirt! :) and so the silver is a clutch! :) I look to see if anyone else sees this and no it doesn't bring alot or any attention, except mine of course !
I love this city!!