Thursday, August 12, 2010

28 plus ten = present reality

mmmmmh , never thought I'd be here like this in this doing this wearing this eating this avoiding this and being this - but then again I broke my crystal ball years ago - 14 to be exact :)
even though Steve Carrel and my love Paul Rudd kept me hungry and that I hurried to date but was defiled, I moved on to laughed it off with liquid cocaine and a few good fun friends and then ate with wurm and raw fish! I am looking forward to the 3rd annual summer party, feeling stress of lots of things on the go but somehow feeling unproductive.... mmmmh how does that work - but The Tatare may be taking me on and helping to establish my HHOTG business in the new year. so much to do so little time - and the TIFF woohoooo cant wait - volunteering for the first time!
ooooo and I am no a part of the BB network - hhahah they actually called on my bday and offered me a free one- um ok why not ! :) now if I could just get my money backed from those owing things would be almost perfect...btw ... wear did I put him, and the ring, I still cant find it.... hhhmmm but I have been told it is in my aura - jillybean likey!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

missed a month....

I was a lil worried but not anymore; so here we are again - AUGUST - the month of good and bad :) I have almost finished the Buffy Series, and working on catching up with Dexter. This August long weekend was filled with tubes and water, singing and nature :) We camped at Elora Gorge, a lil over and hour away and filled with everything that is not urban. Tubing is sooooo much fun, there are rushes and cowpoke times, but as you float by the trees and waterfalls, caves and wildlife you are given time to reflect and to rest. I love campfire, the flickers the smell oooo and we got some 'magick' that made the flames all blue and green and purple, it was very :)

The past 8 months have flown by, we the past decade has actually...... somehow i misplaced about 5 of those years, and so with no way to get them back I gotten step up my game. Its all been good and no regrets buuuuuuuut since time is what it is i feel the need to jump back on my wave instead of making sure others are---- and hopefully find a way to incorporate both.

is there any way to be a ghost hunting closet organizing life coaching talent managing film producing stand up host.....?