Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So on tv last night was a slice of life telling the story of the worlds heaviest man who got married. He did it from the place where weddings usually end - his bed :) a new spin on destination weddings. His wife is quite attractive and she used to be with a friend of his - wowzer!! now thats one helluva triangle :)
April 14 is my first hosting gig... woohhooo !! lets mingle singles :) I cleaned today , a good dose of spring cleaning - its funny how that makes you feel productive.
During an afternoon walk I found a pamphlet for a painting class and a tarot class.... 2 things i have been looking for.... now if i could only find that winning lottery ticket ;)
Todays creation.... my home :) Todays movie .... in honour of the amazing full moon that can be see again tonite I suggest the movie The Howling - scary, dated, and totally fun !
And last but not least I must log on about Kirstie Alleys Big Life, her new reality show :) I want to work for her. I find her funny and actually a bit real; her 'cast' is pretty down to earth for LA and her assistants' trainee, well maybe I am watching just to see how long he lasts :) But all in all the show is a nice lil half hour of cushy fun that so far doesnt make my eyes bleed or my head hurt :) But really if anything I am wondering if it touches on Scientology or its celebrity centre at all...

~ ' Mr Diggins class'

Sunday, March 28, 2010

rainy days and sundays

The most perfect day to be lazy and just 'be' at home. I love my PVR, because I really do love my tv and the PVR allows me to do all my errands, chores, work and fun stuff and still see all my shows, add to that the cherry of it all, fast forward button!!!
well today was filled with Dr Drew - man, these shows make me realize I am doing just fine :)
I do miss the days long ago when shows started with the school year, took a break on holidays, really hyped it up for sweeps and ended just before exams.... then the summer we could catch up on ones we missed or just re-watch the ones we loved! but the past few years or decade really it is all over the place, and the thing that is most frustrating is when the channel changes the show time or day !!?!! what is that all about - anyhoodle its all becoming like cable, 13 espisodes etc etc and that is fine... as long as it keeps up with that quality.:)
the only thing on my mind these day , in regards to tv, is .... Lost better not be hell..... there better be something more to all that crazy fun stuff than that.... deeply let down if that is true :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

hair and make up

I recently during a session of divination I was given an amulet ( not omelet :) of Spider Goddess;
She honours and encourages creativity... so each day I shall be creative in one form or another.
Today was on me, as noted above, warmly welcomed too which is always sweet.

I leave this, a line from a favourite movie of mine - if you guess it, you can watch it :)
~ 'makes my ass twitch'

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Small Saturday

While away in the YVR I met many a people from many a land, and picked up quite a few new words or sayings; 2 of my favourites are: 1 = 'chocolate side' this is how the Germans refer to your good side or photogenic side :) the 2nd being 'Small Saturday' this too is from the Germans referring to Wednesday, a day which is popular to go out, drink and be merry, and since it's a weekday or school-night it's known as 'Small Saturday' :) its my new cool word, spread it around like wildfire ;) - 10 extra points if you guess that movie -
Marriage Ref..... I am waiting for them to do the celebrity version; when that happens remember where you read it first :) keep in mind it will be the stars that appear on other reality show, perhaps ones from rehab or apprentice... or better yet an episode where they only have 1 name i.e. Brad and Angelina perhaps Heidi and Spencer or even ... wait for it... Tom & Katie!

Now for todays Movie pick : Lars and the Real Girl - it will be a dark weird odd fav of boys and girls all over :) sit back, relax and every once in a while make sure your company is real :) Goddess, thanks for Canadian talent.

~ "you puke and guys stand in line to hold your hair"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

PVR, Jump scar and other things that make me giddy

I love love love my PVR!!!! It takes care of me on rainy Wednesdays and cozy Sundays, not to mention it knows what I like and keeps it updated and on hand til I return :) oooo what will I do if it ever goes away - anyone got a VCR - theehhhee.
so things going on ... oh Law & Order is on 20 years !! 20 years , so crazy , A loverly friend said once that I could find it on at any time of the day, and it is still true :D I actually used to call it A&E cause that is where I would find it usually. OOOO good times.
Why does slapping someone stop their freakout.....? does it really - I have never had that happen to me; not sure if that is because I have never lost it :) or because no one in real life actually does that.
now go and write to SNL telling them that I should guest spot on it for a 'really' segment. Go! :)
Heres some things to do in Toronto this weekend : Absolute Comedy, Canada Blooms, Toronto Comic-con or maybe an dinner at O'Noir.
Todays movie suggestion: ( I am still in my HC faze so please adjust your sets accordingly)
Jumper --- silly funny full of bad acting crazy dialogue and one of the best of the 'worst movie experiences' ever! Oh Christen Haydensen how I don't love thee :D

Sunday, March 21, 2010

edit edit edit

There is too much of that going on in my head :) especially when it come to creative outlets, especially those that I really have a passion for and don't want to suck at, that can be stressful and stress causes zits.. never fun :D
sometimes I feel like champagne , a whole lotta good stuff inside and it just wants out... but be careful when opening it cause all the fun can just explode all over the place :) and then dries up on the floor, but in that same bottle, there is bubbles left to fill a pretty glass and to make a toast with.
So I think that kristen Stewart and Hayden Christensen should hook up - I figure 2 no talents might make a 1 talent....tehehe :)
Mood Movie for a lazy sunday evening = French Kiss with Kevin Kline ( love love love him) and Meg Ryan , in her good days, she actually plays a Canadian in the movie :) anyhoodle it is a RomCom and it is just filled with funny all over the place. The story follows thru & we care about the characters. So open a nice bottle of wine, break open the fromage and cozy up !
But for something on a different edge of humour try out The Good Girl with Jennifer Aniston & the lovely Jake Gyllenhal.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


so I think that Jorja Fox is one of the most unattractive women on TV, and IMDB is my second bestest friend. Today I have used my brand new Toastation Toaster-oven, very exciting and tasty; Thank you Ms A; I suggest cheese sandwiches loaded with hot peppers olives and franks hot sauce, sometimes throw in a hotdog too! make it golden brown on each side and eat. Last night was some very exciting karaoke, its fun when people say they don't want to, then are looking for the mic every other song :) loves it!! Good times:) HB MYLO
So on the tube is 12 Monkeys.. it truly is a fun movie especially now since it is quite old, 1995, you can see a few stars much younger. It sci-fi and quirky with a good story and solid performances. I feel this movie need to be seen more than once, and if you like it then there is a few other gems of the director - Terry Gilliam- for you to see.
Soon I will be seeing The Runaways, and I will admit I am scared - thehhee, Kristen Stewart, I don't believe there is any hope for her, but I am seeing it on cheapy night so 5$ is worth almost any movie.
Oh yeah so SNL has a skit now where they discuss pop topics and 'Really' them....... um that is my schtick , ask anyone , ask the Swed or the Germ or the Wurm... they know, so I say " Really SNL, do you Really think its Really yours.. or maybe its true and I Really should guest star in the skit, Really - for real :) !!! whos with me !!?!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

and now introducing........

Toronto's newest Hurrydate Host, now me and the other lovelorn's of this fine city can caucus and mingle! hey planning parties, being a hostess with the mostess and a lil bossy ; bring it on!! and I learned from the best - momma Tredenick - so anyhoodle we shall see how it goes... yeah I am curious too :) Today I saw a pink Miata with a lil USA flag on its antenna - funny. And a friend from a lifetime ago popped into my head as I was falling a sleep.... interesting to see if she does accept on facebook. Now for a movie review; on my flight home from the Olympics I watched the movie 'Invention of Lying' and it had me from credit roll, til about half way when it got really religious - I dont think he (Ricky Gervais) likes God very much... or if imitation is the highest form of flattery then he loves God a lil too much , not sure which is scarier:) or maybe he just loves himself; but it had a fun cast and a few great surprise guest spots and a cute idea, a bit witty and pretty, so give it a go but don't miss anything fun because of it and don't spend too much - hey if you have a coupon thats the way to go! I love coupons by the way.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Cherry

Welcome to the first of many blogs about thoughts, movies and other things that go bump in the night.

For starters, I am watching TMZ and they have video of Kristen Stewart in JFK and one of the Paparazzi fell as he was chasing her and she let out this shriek of laughter and it was the most emotion I have ever seen from her...am I the only one :)
I love all things Hollywood, why I dont have my own sitcom I am not sure, but hopefully thru this I will find my answers - we can explore together.
For opinions , 'Bean Rating' and other critquing on TV and Films, come back often and I will keep you on the pulse of the newly released, must see's and the 'at you own risk' .
I have a devlish interest in the paranormal and look forward to my first investigation. Its not because of Ryan Buell, but he definately doesn't curb it either.

"I think we're gonna need a bigger boat"
~ The Bean