Saturday, May 22, 2010

that was then this is now

Alot of reunions the past couple of weeks. It does the soul good to be in touch with times of old every once n a while. Be it funny or touching, bitter or silly, its part of us :)
There has been a myriad of creations in the form of thought to page - I came out unscathed as my brain doesn't have the best ability to take on task like that,now brainstorming, that is one of my fav parts of projects.
I also wonder where he is? Ah the Curzon, I thank you in advance.
Its amazing that 15+ years has gone by and that friendships are still moving forward. Its so exciting to wonder what the next will bring.


~ "you puke and guys line up around the corner to hold your hair "

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saturday Night Fever

Had one of the best Saturdays in a long time!, weekends are usually fun and full of stuff or downtime but Sat May 8 is officially in the top ten :) It went from dawn til near dawn and was chalk full of some really loverly people. The day started with a reiki practice circle moved on to a wonderful hotdoc, that showed me once again how important love can be. From there I made way to a uniquely wonderful couple whos smokey trick left me yearning for a nap and a billetlog. A nap did occur and the billetlog was replaced with the yummy M&M peanuts :) So, the barwear was picked, the face was donned and my lucky red coat did the trick! The ladies and I made way to our local and festivities rang true til the wee hours. There was a lil bit of the world in there that night, but the fav might have been the Dutch. Its funny how 'moments' occur and I am getting much better at recognizing them and taking that moment to be in the moment. I am blessed and Thankful


Thursday, May 6, 2010

by the light of the silvery moon

My project to create daily continues taking on many a different form. Today was no different, I was motivated to work on a lil something for the moon and as I enveloped myself in words and lougled for songs I became entranced and time was still. I became aware of its completion as a slight smile crossed my eyes. Ah Gary, my lovely xmas puppy how you egg me on:) Thank you M.
Completed another day on set :) good times! Last night was girls night out - it was filled with tarot cards, auras and a few good laughs. I am blessed :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rogers and Yeast

So today I started by volunteership with Rogers TV ! it was beyond fun, totally amazing - why hadn't I done this before :) and then after doing a live show I continued the feast of fun by making my own wine - a loverly Pinot Noir and I look forward to trying it for my Birthday !!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Josh by Gosh

Here is a story one of the best Friday stories I have heard in a long time, and so it is a must share.
It was a seemingly easy and undaunting task , pick up a birthday cake. So the loving sister and boyfriend drive there and he hops out to get it while she double around. He gets to the counter and says "picking up a cake for Lori" and the young filipino asks for a receipt , which was in the car being doubled around and he replies, "I don't have it" so he ask what does the cake say and he replies " Happy Birthday Josh" and the young worker shakes his head "thats not what it says",( which of course causes a moment of complete confusion as it is a birthday cake for a friend named Josh), and with a slight pause he asks " What kind of cake is it", this the boyfriend knows and so the cake is awarded. Through the plastic box top, only to add more fun to this experience, low and behold the cake doesn't say Happy Birthday Josh, it says Happy Birthday Gosh! After the moment of pause and a shake of his head the boyfriend turns to the counter helper and says "it is not right", to his awe the employee retorts with " Yes it is" , the boyfriend then sees a slightly older caucasian boy to help confirm that Gosh is wrong and Josh is actually spelt with a J. With the cake fixed and the car waiting the boyfriend finally leave and the cake is safely and correctly delivered to its honouree.

And yes I really did enjoy JCVD - he can act , he really really can 4/5 beans!!!