Sunday, March 21, 2010

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There is too much of that going on in my head :) especially when it come to creative outlets, especially those that I really have a passion for and don't want to suck at, that can be stressful and stress causes zits.. never fun :D
sometimes I feel like champagne , a whole lotta good stuff inside and it just wants out... but be careful when opening it cause all the fun can just explode all over the place :) and then dries up on the floor, but in that same bottle, there is bubbles left to fill a pretty glass and to make a toast with.
So I think that kristen Stewart and Hayden Christensen should hook up - I figure 2 no talents might make a 1 talent....tehehe :)
Mood Movie for a lazy sunday evening = French Kiss with Kevin Kline ( love love love him) and Meg Ryan , in her good days, she actually plays a Canadian in the movie :) anyhoodle it is a RomCom and it is just filled with funny all over the place. The story follows thru & we care about the characters. So open a nice bottle of wine, break open the fromage and cozy up !
But for something on a different edge of humour try out The Good Girl with Jennifer Aniston & the lovely Jake Gyllenhal.

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