Thursday, March 18, 2010

and now introducing........

Toronto's newest Hurrydate Host, now me and the other lovelorn's of this fine city can caucus and mingle! hey planning parties, being a hostess with the mostess and a lil bossy ; bring it on!! and I learned from the best - momma Tredenick - so anyhoodle we shall see how it goes... yeah I am curious too :) Today I saw a pink Miata with a lil USA flag on its antenna - funny. And a friend from a lifetime ago popped into my head as I was falling a sleep.... interesting to see if she does accept on facebook. Now for a movie review; on my flight home from the Olympics I watched the movie 'Invention of Lying' and it had me from credit roll, til about half way when it got really religious - I dont think he (Ricky Gervais) likes God very much... or if imitation is the highest form of flattery then he loves God a lil too much , not sure which is scarier:) or maybe he just loves himself; but it had a fun cast and a few great surprise guest spots and a cute idea, a bit witty and pretty, so give it a go but don't miss anything fun because of it and don't spend too much - hey if you have a coupon thats the way to go! I love coupons by the way.

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  1. Thanks for the review,I think I'll wait for video.....oh shit is it already out on I gotta get out more!!

    Luv ya bean