Tuesday, March 23, 2010

PVR, Jump scar and other things that make me giddy

I love love love my PVR!!!! It takes care of me on rainy Wednesdays and cozy Sundays, not to mention it knows what I like and keeps it updated and on hand til I return :) oooo what will I do if it ever goes away - anyone got a VCR - theehhhee.
so things going on ... oh Law & Order is on 20 years !! 20 years , so crazy , A loverly friend said once that I could find it on at any time of the day, and it is still true :D I actually used to call it A&E cause that is where I would find it usually. OOOO good times.
Why does slapping someone stop their freakout.....? does it really - I have never had that happen to me; not sure if that is because I have never lost it :) or because no one in real life actually does that.
now go and write to SNL telling them that I should guest spot on it for a 'really' segment. Go! :)
Heres some things to do in Toronto this weekend : Absolute Comedy, Canada Blooms, Toronto Comic-con or maybe an dinner at O'Noir.
Todays movie suggestion: ( I am still in my HC faze so please adjust your sets accordingly)
Jumper --- silly funny full of bad acting crazy dialogue and one of the best of the 'worst movie experiences' ever! Oh Christen Haydensen how I don't love thee :D

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