Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Cherry

Welcome to the first of many blogs about thoughts, movies and other things that go bump in the night.

For starters, I am watching TMZ and they have video of Kristen Stewart in JFK and one of the Paparazzi fell as he was chasing her and she let out this shriek of laughter and it was the most emotion I have ever seen from her...am I the only one :)
I love all things Hollywood, why I dont have my own sitcom I am not sure, but hopefully thru this I will find my answers - we can explore together.
For opinions , 'Bean Rating' and other critquing on TV and Films, come back often and I will keep you on the pulse of the newly released, must see's and the 'at you own risk' .
I have a devlish interest in the paranormal and look forward to my first investigation. Its not because of Ryan Buell, but he definately doesn't curb it either.

"I think we're gonna need a bigger boat"
~ The Bean


  1. Hey Jillie nice blog!

    Word of advice on the paranormal investigation, I took my wife to one here in Ottawa cause she is like you all over that stuff, any way she is now a skeptic. Plus I showed her how to make ghost pictures with out photoshop.

    So don't be surprised if you feel it was bogus when it is all done.

    Talk to you soon


  2. congrats dude!!! can't wait to