Saturday, April 16, 2011

2011 - just keeps on givin'er

So at the ring of the NYE bells I said that 2011 was going to be one great year, and so far it isn't letting me down.  Last night I was treated to a fantastic round of 'spirit'ed cocktails and unseen food - I do not have the right words to describe how amazing it really was - All I can say is that I truly am blessed with great friends and that everyone needs to eat at ONOIR!!!!!!
We celebrated the completion of our Rogers shows, the confirmation of its screening party and the offering of another project with Rogers.  
Its now been just over  a year since I have been back from my romp with the Olympics, and so much has just continued to be, and I have been loving it - I am starting to feel that pull of roots and the need for the next chapter, a possible introduction of adulthood  - Not sure what that all means but a few days ago while in a store surrounded by Easter stuff, I had a thought to get things for my friends kids and my internal voice said " no, I want to get it for my own".  interesting.  
So along with the tv show I am doing an online Ezine with some loverly creative ladies and producing a comedy night, and outlining10chapters for a book.  My website for my business is up and looking good - work itself if new and interesting and I am up for the challenge - so fingers crossed!
Alot of firsts and a friend is actually doing that for a whole year - 365 new things!!!!  such a great idea:)   did a  table reading - I want more of that !!     love love love the role of a producer, of brianstorming, creating,editing...... if only I had known about this as a job when I was in school :)
omg yeah hahahha got it in my head to kick up this weightloss/exercise thing a notch - hahahhah wasaga try-tri ! ahhahahahhah   5 months - so we shall see :) 


Friday, April 8, 2011


I honestly can't believe the date I just wrote....  it seems so crazy that that is the actual date and not a chapter in a futuristic spy novel I am writing!!

This year started off really great - filled with some of my fav friends and laughter and OREO's first segment was aired!!! 
So all that was a great indication that this year was just going to be amazing :) !!
And its really kept its momentum,  I am working in the field I want to be in, my heart hasn't been broken,  I haven't had to shovel much, I have been part of many creative projects including my first horror film and the gym is becoming a new friend.
Spring brought on a creative I have been toying with for many a moon - an online ezine by women for women !!   I give much praise and thanks to my fellow Swoopettes - you can read it at - Lots of great stuff inside by lots of great women.
Also try me out at  - a beany way to get back into your life :)
I really am trying to read more, and meditate.  Thats a definite goal :)
And coming up there will be a comedy showcase extravaganza produced and hosted by MarcoBeans - details are TBA.
I am so behind on the movies, I may have to take work off to catch up ! ha :)

til next time,

** Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door. - Emily Dickinson