Monday, July 4, 2011

MECCA june 26 - 28

Its LA baby, L fn A!!!   haahahaha

so its Friday morning around 1030am and I make way to hotmail, and there in my junk mail is a re: congratulations"   well whatever right - so i roll over the message to check the address and wtf its from alliance, and I am thinking geez what did I apply for , and there it is in black and white- "you have won a trip to LA for the premier of Larry Crowne,   I think i sh#t my pants :)   so I had to reply to the email by noon, so I got crackin on that, and like 10 seconds later they were calling!!  A lovely lady by the name of Tori and she was laughing at me and I was making sure I wasnt being punk'd and then once I actually gave her my info and got the info  I called my  mom and had a lil freakout !!  LA , my mecca, I was actually going to LA, OMG!!!  well I had to find a travel companion - that was done then we had to sign waivers and wait for the confirmation - and we were set to leave Sunday June 26 6am!!!! and to top off all the fun the lovely Sandra used her points to fly and came with Sasha and I - perfect!!    Sasha has video of it all and I am looking forward to it cause I still dont believe that it did happen:)  anyhoodle so we land in LALAland and arrive at the Hollywood Roosevelt!!!!   the room wasnt ready so they said we could go by the pool, but there was an event going on and so it could be loud - that was an understatement - it was a playboy party ! hahaha   so there we are a midst all of Hollywoods upandcoming Hefners  , they really didnt have to do that for us !   so after  a few drinks the room is ready and off  we go to change and head out to the walk of fame and check things out.   While strolling the fame, I get a call from Will who says that he will send a car for us if we want and take us to an LAFilmFest movie and party !  it was Katie Holmes new one, then off ot the Yard for food and up to the after party for a bit of dancing:0  after that we checked out his Ritz Room and then we headed back to our loverly suite at the Roosevelt!  am I dreaming!!!    the next day I wake early and take a stroll outside on the stars to truly take it all in, I cant believe that I won this trip !!  the city was so quiet and cool but the day was gonna be hot!!   Then we got ready and went for  a walk to the beverly hills bus and found Rodeo Dr.   We found our way to Tiffanys and yes we actually had breakfast at Tiffanys, where we celebrated with a great brunch and then lo and behold they were filing a scene from Entourage right across at the Bev Wil Grand!!!!   could this get any better - well... yes :)
after our Rodeo stroll we made our way back and got a nice look at the Hollywood sign - with my own eyes !   Once back at the hotel, we meet up with Will who got a poolside suite and open bar and proceeded to have drinks and food as we lounged and chatted by the Roosevelt pool :)    A few hours later we had to get ready for the Larry Crowne premier.   Sasha and I got all red carpeted up and made way across the street , got our tickets and watched as the cast made their way thru the papparazzi &  interviews.  We chatted with  Julia Roberts chiropractor, shouted hello at Jenna Elfman and reunited with Danny Masterson.   After the party we went back to the room where Sandra and Will showed up all wet from the pool and dazzelingly drunk :)   but Sasha and I had a party to hit so we left them to their own devices or ... drinks.    There we are making way thru the partygoers finding the VIP area where cedric and Wilmar, Tom, Nia, Rita and others were chatting.  Food was abundant, drinks were flowing stars were sparkling.  I had a 'bobbyd' moment with Tom, introduced Sasha to Danny, clinked with Cedric and smacked Wilmars' butt, oh and I played up to all the 'fans' that were watching from an adjacent building!!  ahhaha funny  - So all in all it was a great nite :)
And then the next day we left , sadly, quietly we got up and relunctantly grabbed a car to the LAX.
Thru it all every once in a while Sasha would turn and say - this is so crazy -  and I to my dying breath I will reply - yes, yes it is -    it was amazing experience and couldnt have been any better - Many thanks to Will for being available and so very generous!  Cheers Hollywood !  and see ya soon.   

Saturday, April 16, 2011

2011 - just keeps on givin'er

So at the ring of the NYE bells I said that 2011 was going to be one great year, and so far it isn't letting me down.  Last night I was treated to a fantastic round of 'spirit'ed cocktails and unseen food - I do not have the right words to describe how amazing it really was - All I can say is that I truly am blessed with great friends and that everyone needs to eat at ONOIR!!!!!!
We celebrated the completion of our Rogers shows, the confirmation of its screening party and the offering of another project with Rogers.  
Its now been just over  a year since I have been back from my romp with the Olympics, and so much has just continued to be, and I have been loving it - I am starting to feel that pull of roots and the need for the next chapter, a possible introduction of adulthood  - Not sure what that all means but a few days ago while in a store surrounded by Easter stuff, I had a thought to get things for my friends kids and my internal voice said " no, I want to get it for my own".  interesting.  
So along with the tv show I am doing an online Ezine with some loverly creative ladies and producing a comedy night, and outlining10chapters for a book.  My website for my business is up and looking good - work itself if new and interesting and I am up for the challenge - so fingers crossed!
Alot of firsts and a friend is actually doing that for a whole year - 365 new things!!!!  such a great idea:)   did a  table reading - I want more of that !!     love love love the role of a producer, of brianstorming, creating,editing...... if only I had known about this as a job when I was in school :)
omg yeah hahahha got it in my head to kick up this weightloss/exercise thing a notch - hahahhah wasaga try-tri ! ahhahahahhah   5 months - so we shall see :) 


Friday, April 8, 2011


I honestly can't believe the date I just wrote....  it seems so crazy that that is the actual date and not a chapter in a futuristic spy novel I am writing!!

This year started off really great - filled with some of my fav friends and laughter and OREO's first segment was aired!!! 
So all that was a great indication that this year was just going to be amazing :) !!
And its really kept its momentum,  I am working in the field I want to be in, my heart hasn't been broken,  I haven't had to shovel much, I have been part of many creative projects including my first horror film and the gym is becoming a new friend.
Spring brought on a creative I have been toying with for many a moon - an online ezine by women for women !!   I give much praise and thanks to my fellow Swoopettes - you can read it at - Lots of great stuff inside by lots of great women.
Also try me out at  - a beany way to get back into your life :)
I really am trying to read more, and meditate.  Thats a definite goal :)
And coming up there will be a comedy showcase extravaganza produced and hosted by MarcoBeans - details are TBA.
I am so behind on the movies, I may have to take work off to catch up ! ha :)

til next time,

** Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door. - Emily Dickinson  

Monday, December 6, 2010

That's a wrap people!!

RogersTv channel 10 Toronto - You Always remember Your First

So today Sasha and I filmed our first comedy interstitual!!!!!!
from birth to play its ours - Sashas' creation is such a fantastic idea and I really do think we are a pretty great team, we balance out the production scale :)
It was so cool to see it all happening and to be a leading part of it, Kelly our fabulous supervisor was deloverly as usual and Alex the camerman was ,well, awesome! He made our ideas really come to life. The whole process rocks - I cant believe a year ago I was out of work from the travel industry and getting ready for the Olympics and now here I am producing segments for RogersTV!!!!. Thank you Sasha :) seriously. And Marco Bernardi and Joanna Downey - we are so grateful to you guys , you rocked it !! Looking forward to New Years!! Let the Show begin

Thursday, October 7, 2010

the original jersey

Just returned from my first tour this year - The Channel Islands -
I arrived at the airport fresh from the TIFF and in line with Lucas Bryant - I swear it was him, he went to Sheridan..I do wonder his age :)

The tour went well, they all tipped so that is a good sign:) definitely a fun place, would go back especially in the summer. I know for sure I couldnt do this as my only paycheck; now I am unpacking to pack for the next one - spain, benidorm-

Think I need sleep, today seems to be filled with waves of anxiety and anger or rather irritation with no real cause - anyhoodle:)

my stove is acting up - so kijiji here I come.

thats it thats all folks

Monday, September 20, 2010


It was a great time and I look forward to the time when I am on the other end of this fest ;)
my first volunteer shift and I got to be inside the theatre and watch The Town - great way to start the fest !
Fri - Started the day with Trust - awkward but good, then saw Emilio Esteves and father Martin Sheen - His movie The Way was amazing, touching , funny lovely pretty and inspiring. Sandra joined me for our first red carpet with David Schwimmer, Catherin Keener and then headed over to the Brant House for the after movie party.
Sat - The Town red carpet, with my stylin photographer in hand, Sandra and I got up close and almost personal with Bennifer!!!
Sun - The Block Party!! Jasper from Twilight is in a band 100 monkeys and they were really good!! Then off to the red carpet for Barneys Version.
Mon- one of the best Mondays ever! saw Tabloid then Barneys Version, got a free water jug from Etalk and recorder a bumper for the show, made my way to yorkville where i had a close encounter with Emilio Estevez and literally Hayden Christensen, enjoyed a tasty spicy chicken burger stood in line for Everything Must Go and got a free ticket, then free chocolate and a keychain!!! the i got home that night to a new camera!! ** seriously fun day **
Tues - saw Black Swan had the best time in line and met the Pie Guy from Pushin Daisies, actually said "oh my , pie guy!" took an ecocab to see Im Still Here and then got a really unexpected call - fingers crossed
Wed - Insidious - really good scary movie - then off to work and John Tuturro and Fisher Stevens! enjoyed a long awaited street dog and had a moment in perfect light in this great city:)
Thurs - Enjoyed Peep World but had a rainy wait in line, met a twisted frame and a really warm and comfy night at home.
Fri - last shift - relished a patio afternoon of beer and wings, then i packed sorted and packed.
Sat - art crawl during the day and bar crawl at night
Sun - TIFF volunteer party at This is London - not sure why the decor is russian but the drinks and food were on the house , there was some lively entertainment and mention of appreciation for me - Vanessa the captain rocked it!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

28 plus ten = present reality

mmmmmh , never thought I'd be here like this in this doing this wearing this eating this avoiding this and being this - but then again I broke my crystal ball years ago - 14 to be exact :)
even though Steve Carrel and my love Paul Rudd kept me hungry and that I hurried to date but was defiled, I moved on to laughed it off with liquid cocaine and a few good fun friends and then ate with wurm and raw fish! I am looking forward to the 3rd annual summer party, feeling stress of lots of things on the go but somehow feeling unproductive.... mmmmh how does that work - but The Tatare may be taking me on and helping to establish my HHOTG business in the new year. so much to do so little time - and the TIFF woohoooo cant wait - volunteering for the first time!
ooooo and I am no a part of the BB network - hhahah they actually called on my bday and offered me a free one- um ok why not ! :) now if I could just get my money backed from those owing things would be almost perfect...btw ... wear did I put him, and the ring, I still cant find it.... hhhmmm but I have been told it is in my aura - jillybean likey!!