Saturday, March 20, 2010


so I think that Jorja Fox is one of the most unattractive women on TV, and IMDB is my second bestest friend. Today I have used my brand new Toastation Toaster-oven, very exciting and tasty; Thank you Ms A; I suggest cheese sandwiches loaded with hot peppers olives and franks hot sauce, sometimes throw in a hotdog too! make it golden brown on each side and eat. Last night was some very exciting karaoke, its fun when people say they don't want to, then are looking for the mic every other song :) loves it!! Good times:) HB MYLO
So on the tube is 12 Monkeys.. it truly is a fun movie especially now since it is quite old, 1995, you can see a few stars much younger. It sci-fi and quirky with a good story and solid performances. I feel this movie need to be seen more than once, and if you like it then there is a few other gems of the director - Terry Gilliam- for you to see.
Soon I will be seeing The Runaways, and I will admit I am scared - thehhee, Kristen Stewart, I don't believe there is any hope for her, but I am seeing it on cheapy night so 5$ is worth almost any movie.
Oh yeah so SNL has a skit now where they discuss pop topics and 'Really' them....... um that is my schtick , ask anyone , ask the Swed or the Germ or the Wurm... they know, so I say " Really SNL, do you Really think its Really yours.. or maybe its true and I Really should guest star in the skit, Really - for real :) !!! whos with me !!?!!

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