Sunday, March 28, 2010

rainy days and sundays

The most perfect day to be lazy and just 'be' at home. I love my PVR, because I really do love my tv and the PVR allows me to do all my errands, chores, work and fun stuff and still see all my shows, add to that the cherry of it all, fast forward button!!!
well today was filled with Dr Drew - man, these shows make me realize I am doing just fine :)
I do miss the days long ago when shows started with the school year, took a break on holidays, really hyped it up for sweeps and ended just before exams.... then the summer we could catch up on ones we missed or just re-watch the ones we loved! but the past few years or decade really it is all over the place, and the thing that is most frustrating is when the channel changes the show time or day !!?!! what is that all about - anyhoodle its all becoming like cable, 13 espisodes etc etc and that is fine... as long as it keeps up with that quality.:)
the only thing on my mind these day , in regards to tv, is .... Lost better not be hell..... there better be something more to all that crazy fun stuff than that.... deeply let down if that is true :)

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