Tuesday, April 27, 2010

clear nailpolish

So last week I found myself with different company and so that gave way to new shows which created new addictions --- thank goddess the newness wears off by the time the silly ending comes along, I am not sure I can fit Ghost Whisperer into my PVR slots. BTW Jennifer Love Hewitts eyelashes are ridiculous, seriously , they are bigger than her head, not her forehead though, that sucka is just taking up all the cranium space.

Construction work on the DVP, is still ongoing, like all city road construction, I liken it to clear nailpolish - you know it is going on you just dont see the difference.

Gamer - a Gerrard Butler vehicle - and a pretty good one at that. Generally not a bad movie, good action, not a bad story, takes the idea of Sims to a new level - the draw for me was a clip of a scene with "Dexter" and a dance sequence:) anyhoodle, boy and girl action fans will enjoy it - I give it 3/5 Beans

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hurry Hurry up aaaaand date!

So tonite was my first HurryDate event! I forgot my 'bow and arrow' but I think it went great, it definitely wasn't seniors :) Its going to make for a fun summer though..... and who knows what one will meet - teheheh. so April is a busy month of bdays eh , phew but also makes for reason to celebrate and come together. On sunday I completed my Reiki training. woohooo!! finally it has been so long but everything happens for a reason or as it should or well when one stops procrastinating. Now I shall use my powers for good...... maybe just a lil for the other !

This week I saw a series of 'straight to dvd' that i shall keep nameless for no one else really needs the pain, but if you of someone you need to mistreat or punish that I shall reveal them to you :)
I also saw Hot Tub time Machine-- very very funny, you will be a lougle fan afterwards :) -- so go and enjoy, then there was Date Movie , this to was great!! - I really love them both, Steve Carrel and Tina Fey, they did a great job, it really is a fabulous date movie for couples newly or contemplating marriage and those that have passed the 7yr itch. Dont forget your popcorn and stay for allllllll the credits.

~ can you blow me where the pampers is ?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A lil Jude and Ewan never hurt no one

Repo Men = not cars and houses, but body parts and organs. Jude Law and Forrest Whittaker play 'repo men ' for an organ transplant company. But what happens when you become your job?
Really good from beginning to end, it had fun action a good story line and no stupid lines. it was good to see Forrest Whittaker again and he was all in shape and sportin' game 'n stuff (subsequently I have seen him in 2 other shows, he must be making a comeback). I liked it all the way to the end, Momma K wasn't too thrilled with the ending but its all worth the Jude - thehehhe:) and it is shot in Toronto and you can see it all over the place - its a fun game to 'know the spot'.
So, Repo men gets 4/5 beans :) ps. its gets a lil gross so dont go on a full stomach!

Next was Ghostwriter - Roman Polanski's latest; Ewan Mcgreggor is an autobiographical ghostwriter and his next subject is the former British Prime Minister. His predecessor committed suicide... or did he.?
I really liked this film. I like how the it moves, I love the look, the acting, the story. This is a great film, it gives you something to think about and keeps your interest. Poalnksi's feel/look of the film is a chalky wash and it allow the characters to colour it up . So enjoy it and maybe check out other Polanski films. 4/5 beans.

side note : I hate to say it but if you haven't seen 'Monster in Law' with JLo and Jane Fonda. It is so funny, its really Wanda Sykes that gets the funny to an hilarious level but Jane really keeps up - Jlo is Jlo so whatever, but there are a couple of sincere and committed acting moments for her. oooo and I can't forget about Michael Vartan - yummy :) its a lil piece of fuzzy funny fluffy candy that even boys may enjoy , - give it a lick :) and for you married couples out there, it may offer tips on how to deal with yours :)

Ps - Sonic burger in the USA now has a burger with jalepeno poppers - hahahha "REALLY" ;) ReAllY!! what will they think of next , I am not saying stop btw :) !!

Monday, April 5, 2010

evening with friends

success, is it like beauty....?.... is it in the eye of the beholder?
So I still haven't heard from SNL.... but thats okay, they haven't gotten my petition yet :)
Next week I will be completing my Reiki 'master/teaching' level so will be looking for people to add up some 'clinical hours' on :) hint hint . It will be good to finally get it done so I can move forward and actually then 'do treatments, get clients and teach others :) !! hands on and here I go.

Todays was beautiful, some help gardening was done and a lil bar hopping add in a couple not so great movies and here I sit :) what did I watch - well the 1st was Standing Still , a young ensemble cast with the most notable actor being Colin Hanks or maybe James Van Der Beek --- btw is he gay? anyhoodle it wants to be a a smart witty fun movie and it does all right - you aint missing anything but also it didn't suck therefore watchable if it happens to cross your dvd player.
The other was Fakers..... a lil Art fodder never hurt :) not too bad, but like any movie you need to be in the right mood for it. Anyhoodle no need to run out for it or run from it - grab a drink and you are good to go :)and if you like the accents of the boys from the UK well this is a nice lil treat.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

chocolate traffic

Tonite I went to see a friends play, community theatre in Oshawa and the play was called 'Unity'. it was a play that I was going to audition for but was called away to a lil job at the Olympics ;) She is a fantastic lady, just love her - she is such an inspiration for me, anyhoodle it just always great to feel inspired and motivated after a glass of wine and a fab chat with a friend. Cheers!
and I found my new love - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMH0bHeiRNg
and since I am so inspired by humour todays movie suggestion is Role Models!! Truly funny and for adults only :) Paul Rudd once of my many film hubby's and Sean William Scott are just delightful, they are a great comedic duo, the extraordinarily hilarious Jane Lynch is there as well and she doesn't like any BS; the fowl mouthed lil kid is the best thing since smooshed bananas ;) -ALC, its simple and easy but smart and well written - 4 beans all the way!!
Now we are heading into a long easter weekend which means lots of food, chocolate, children and of course traffic! woohooo. If you are not in an eastery mood then maybe you will check out the new release Date Movie or perhaps try 'Mysteriously Yours' dinner theatre.

~ 'I totally paused'