Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Small Saturday

While away in the YVR I met many a people from many a land, and picked up quite a few new words or sayings; 2 of my favourites are: 1 = 'chocolate side' this is how the Germans refer to your good side or photogenic side :) the 2nd being 'Small Saturday' this too is from the Germans referring to Wednesday, a day which is popular to go out, drink and be merry, and since it's a weekday or school-night it's known as 'Small Saturday' :) its my new cool word, spread it around like wildfire ;) - 10 extra points if you guess that movie -
Marriage Ref..... I am waiting for them to do the celebrity version; when that happens remember where you read it first :) keep in mind it will be the stars that appear on other reality show, perhaps ones from rehab or apprentice... or better yet an episode where they only have 1 name i.e. Brad and Angelina perhaps Heidi and Spencer or even ... wait for it... Tom & Katie!

Now for todays Movie pick : Lars and the Real Girl - it will be a dark weird odd fav of boys and girls all over :) sit back, relax and every once in a while make sure your company is real :) Goddess, thanks for Canadian talent.

~ "you puke and guys stand in line to hold your hair"

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