Monday, April 5, 2010

evening with friends

success, is it like beauty....?.... is it in the eye of the beholder?
So I still haven't heard from SNL.... but thats okay, they haven't gotten my petition yet :)
Next week I will be completing my Reiki 'master/teaching' level so will be looking for people to add up some 'clinical hours' on :) hint hint . It will be good to finally get it done so I can move forward and actually then 'do treatments, get clients and teach others :) !! hands on and here I go.

Todays was beautiful, some help gardening was done and a lil bar hopping add in a couple not so great movies and here I sit :) what did I watch - well the 1st was Standing Still , a young ensemble cast with the most notable actor being Colin Hanks or maybe James Van Der Beek --- btw is he gay? anyhoodle it wants to be a a smart witty fun movie and it does all right - you aint missing anything but also it didn't suck therefore watchable if it happens to cross your dvd player.
The other was Fakers..... a lil Art fodder never hurt :) not too bad, but like any movie you need to be in the right mood for it. Anyhoodle no need to run out for it or run from it - grab a drink and you are good to go :)and if you like the accents of the boys from the UK well this is a nice lil treat.

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