Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hurry Hurry up aaaaand date!

So tonite was my first HurryDate event! I forgot my 'bow and arrow' but I think it went great, it definitely wasn't seniors :) Its going to make for a fun summer though..... and who knows what one will meet - teheheh. so April is a busy month of bdays eh , phew but also makes for reason to celebrate and come together. On sunday I completed my Reiki training. woohooo!! finally it has been so long but everything happens for a reason or as it should or well when one stops procrastinating. Now I shall use my powers for good...... maybe just a lil for the other !

This week I saw a series of 'straight to dvd' that i shall keep nameless for no one else really needs the pain, but if you of someone you need to mistreat or punish that I shall reveal them to you :)
I also saw Hot Tub time Machine-- very very funny, you will be a lougle fan afterwards :) -- so go and enjoy, then there was Date Movie , this to was great!! - I really love them both, Steve Carrel and Tina Fey, they did a great job, it really is a fabulous date movie for couples newly or contemplating marriage and those that have passed the 7yr itch. Dont forget your popcorn and stay for allllllll the credits.

~ can you blow me where the pampers is ?

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