Tuesday, April 27, 2010

clear nailpolish

So last week I found myself with different company and so that gave way to new shows which created new addictions --- thank goddess the newness wears off by the time the silly ending comes along, I am not sure I can fit Ghost Whisperer into my PVR slots. BTW Jennifer Love Hewitts eyelashes are ridiculous, seriously , they are bigger than her head, not her forehead though, that sucka is just taking up all the cranium space.

Construction work on the DVP, is still ongoing, like all city road construction, I liken it to clear nailpolish - you know it is going on you just dont see the difference.

Gamer - a Gerrard Butler vehicle - and a pretty good one at that. Generally not a bad movie, good action, not a bad story, takes the idea of Sims to a new level - the draw for me was a clip of a scene with "Dexter" and a dance sequence:) anyhoodle, boy and girl action fans will enjoy it - I give it 3/5 Beans

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