Thursday, August 12, 2010

28 plus ten = present reality

mmmmmh , never thought I'd be here like this in this doing this wearing this eating this avoiding this and being this - but then again I broke my crystal ball years ago - 14 to be exact :)
even though Steve Carrel and my love Paul Rudd kept me hungry and that I hurried to date but was defiled, I moved on to laughed it off with liquid cocaine and a few good fun friends and then ate with wurm and raw fish! I am looking forward to the 3rd annual summer party, feeling stress of lots of things on the go but somehow feeling unproductive.... mmmmh how does that work - but The Tatare may be taking me on and helping to establish my HHOTG business in the new year. so much to do so little time - and the TIFF woohoooo cant wait - volunteering for the first time!
ooooo and I am no a part of the BB network - hhahah they actually called on my bday and offered me a free one- um ok why not ! :) now if I could just get my money backed from those owing things would be almost perfect...btw ... wear did I put him, and the ring, I still cant find it.... hhhmmm but I have been told it is in my aura - jillybean likey!!

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  1. Ps - dont be a schmuch for dinner just go to the other guys.