Monday, September 20, 2010


It was a great time and I look forward to the time when I am on the other end of this fest ;)
my first volunteer shift and I got to be inside the theatre and watch The Town - great way to start the fest !
Fri - Started the day with Trust - awkward but good, then saw Emilio Esteves and father Martin Sheen - His movie The Way was amazing, touching , funny lovely pretty and inspiring. Sandra joined me for our first red carpet with David Schwimmer, Catherin Keener and then headed over to the Brant House for the after movie party.
Sat - The Town red carpet, with my stylin photographer in hand, Sandra and I got up close and almost personal with Bennifer!!!
Sun - The Block Party!! Jasper from Twilight is in a band 100 monkeys and they were really good!! Then off to the red carpet for Barneys Version.
Mon- one of the best Mondays ever! saw Tabloid then Barneys Version, got a free water jug from Etalk and recorder a bumper for the show, made my way to yorkville where i had a close encounter with Emilio Estevez and literally Hayden Christensen, enjoyed a tasty spicy chicken burger stood in line for Everything Must Go and got a free ticket, then free chocolate and a keychain!!! the i got home that night to a new camera!! ** seriously fun day **
Tues - saw Black Swan had the best time in line and met the Pie Guy from Pushin Daisies, actually said "oh my , pie guy!" took an ecocab to see Im Still Here and then got a really unexpected call - fingers crossed
Wed - Insidious - really good scary movie - then off to work and John Tuturro and Fisher Stevens! enjoyed a long awaited street dog and had a moment in perfect light in this great city:)
Thurs - Enjoyed Peep World but had a rainy wait in line, met a twisted frame and a really warm and comfy night at home.
Fri - last shift - relished a patio afternoon of beer and wings, then i packed sorted and packed.
Sat - art crawl during the day and bar crawl at night
Sun - TIFF volunteer party at This is London - not sure why the decor is russian but the drinks and food were on the house , there was some lively entertainment and mention of appreciation for me - Vanessa the captain rocked it!

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