Sunday, June 6, 2010

pizza pizza lil silver clutch

So I cant wait to re read this in the future:
I was casually driving and at a set of lights I see a gentleman waiting to cross. He has a summer hawaiian shirt jeans shorts a baseball cap a red bookbag; then I see that there is a smaller item hanging form his shoulder, I don't think about it but I recognize it to be a lil silver clutch. It doesn't really phase me as perhaps he is carrying it for someone or perhaps it was a camera case and the lovely sun is compromising my sight. As he crosses in the street, I feel like something is off, I look, and look again until it makes itself clear, he's not wearing jean shorts ... its a jean skirt! :) and so the silver is a clutch! :) I look to see if anyone else sees this and no it doesn't bring alot or any attention, except mine of course !
I love this city!!

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