Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saturday Night Fever

Had one of the best Saturdays in a long time!, weekends are usually fun and full of stuff or downtime but Sat May 8 is officially in the top ten :) It went from dawn til near dawn and was chalk full of some really loverly people. The day started with a reiki practice circle moved on to a wonderful hotdoc, that showed me once again how important love can be. From there I made way to a uniquely wonderful couple whos smokey trick left me yearning for a nap and a billetlog. A nap did occur and the billetlog was replaced with the yummy M&M peanuts :) So, the barwear was picked, the face was donned and my lucky red coat did the trick! The ladies and I made way to our local and festivities rang true til the wee hours. There was a lil bit of the world in there that night, but the fav might have been the Dutch. Its funny how 'moments' occur and I am getting much better at recognizing them and taking that moment to be in the moment. I am blessed and Thankful


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